Do you face problems with swallowing pills?

Our 100% natural product Gloup medication swallowing gel can help. Gloup makes your life easier!

Stop using food for the intake of medication!

Why would food be a problem in combination with various medication? because it has an impact on the efficacy of the medication. Let’s take paracetamol (or acetaminophen): If you take this with yoghurt, you will lose a staggering 60% of active ingredient! Or what to think of taking your Beta Blocker with Orange juice or Apple sauce? an even worse loss of 80% active ingredient! this means a massive underdose. Various recent studies show these results, but it is still an underexposed problem. Gloup is a simple solution that does not impact the medication, so you are guaranteed to get the right dosage.


Gloup Original

Strawberry and banana flavor

Gloup Forte

Vanilla flavor

Gloup Zero

Raspberry flavor & sugar free

Gloup makes your life easier!

1 out of 4 people face problems with the intake of oral medication. Gloup makes the intake of oral medication  like pills, tablets and capsules, but also powders a lot easier. It can be used by anyone who has difficulty swallowing oral medication and can swallow independently, suitable for anyone over the age of 2. Gloup forms a layer around the pill, so the pill slides down the throat easily. Gloup is broken down quickly by the gastric acid and does not affect the medication absorption rate.

About Gloup

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Gloup?

Gloup is available in most pharmacies. Contact us if you would like to know which specific pharmacy in your neighborhood.

Why should I avoid using food for the intake of my medication?

Certain foods can decrease the effect of various medication. Please visit our “For professionals” page for details.

How to use Gloup?

  • Put medication on a spoon.
  • Put enough Gloup on top to cover the entire pill.
  • Swallow the entire thing at once.
  • Do you use Gloup for the first time? Try first without pills, so you can get used to the taste and texture.
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