Swallowing tablets can be a little bit difficult for some people, and this is a prevalent problem. It might arise because of different issues or medical conditions. Gloup gel has been considered to make swallowing easier for anyone experiencing such difficulty. Below are some strategies that one can use to aid in swallowing pills.

Apply a Coat of Gloup Gel

Gloup gel allows one to swallow tablets effortlessly. This gel acts as a lubricant, making it much easier to get the pills down the throat. In addition, the gel makes medicine taste better and reduces the painful experience that some individuals experience as they swallow the medicine. Just a coat of gel is all you need to get the job done. This should be your number one solution for difficult swallowing experiences.

Spray a Lubricant at the Opening of the Oesophagus

Another common cause of struggling to get the pills through the throat is an earlier lodging experience in the oesophagus. Gloup medication lubricant can help slide the medicine with ease without really struggling with swallowing.

Gloup medication lubricant 150 ml is sprayed directly at the opening of one’s throat. The purpose of lubricant in medication is to make swallowing pills, tablets, and capsules easier without even feeling the taste of the medicine.

The gloup spray paves a smooth path for the medicine to be swallowed by acting as a lubricator. The purpose of the lubricant spray is to work on the body part. Rather than the tablet itself to create a clear path into the throat of a patient struggling to swallow pills.

Enteric Coating the Medicine

The enteric coating of medicine using gloup medication lubricant 150 ml prevents it from being released before it reaches the small intestines. The enteric coating of pills is easier to take in tablets since you tend to avoid direct contact with the medications. We all know the bitter taste and upsetting smell of drugs!

Enteric-coated medicine is only released upon reaching the small intestines. Enteric coating the tablets or capsules is one of the essential swallowing techniques for people who have problems with the tastes of a particular medicine.

Be in a Relaxed Mode

The procedure of taking pills is essential as well. The first step to properly swallow capsules is to stay calm and relaxed before attempting to dip them in your mouth. Relax your muscles and throat and be ready to swallow the pills or tablets.

Gather your thoughts elsewhere rather than focusing on the act. You can think about food, a fantastic memory or even a good movie. You can further coat your medicine with or even spray gloup medication lubricant at the beginning of your throat, then go ahead and swallow your pills or tablets.

A relaxed mind is a peaceful mind! Staying calm before swallowing any tablet or capsule plays a significant role in the actual swallowing process. This is because you free yourself from all the possible thoughts of what might go wrong.

Use the Lean-Forward Technique

This technique comes through for people who have trouble with swallowing medicine. It’s all about a matter of positioning and timing. The procedure involvesl

  1. Get your gloup gel-coated pill
  2. Place your chin up and shoulders back
  3. Place the tablet inside your mouth
  4. Carefully tilt your head forward as you swallow the pill.

This method is so quick because it guarantees you the proper position as you swallow. The lean-forward technique is one of the fastest ways to swallow a pill because the chinning up and quick tilting of one’s head helps sink the drug directly in your throat. It beats the typical way of placing the tablet on your tongue and swallowing it.

Use a Gloup Pill Swallowing Cup

Gloup pill swallowing cups have a unique extension towards the back of one’s throat. Fortunately, they are readily available in our stores to in case you want to purchase one. The cups are readily designed to assist one with swallowing, although their effectiveness is not much published.

There are some limitations to using the gloup pill swallowing cups. One, they can choke patients with dysphagia. The gloup swallowing cup is probably used by a few people who find any connection of the pills with the mouth and throat so hard. It is effective but should only be opted for upon a doctor’s advice.

Drink a Lot of Water

The well-known method of swallowing any pill, tablet, or capsule, probably the best, is incorporating water. However, one can fine-tune this technique by just changing a little bit of how you do it.

Taking a big gulp of water before putting the tablet in one’s mouth is a good approach. This fine-tune technique helps one visualize the successful swallowing of the pill even before taking the medication.

On the other hand, you can use Gloup gel to ease the process. Once you’ve taken a big gulp of water, put your already coated pill in your mouth, then swallow. Taking a big sip of water will leave you feeling like you are drinking some water, making your swallowing procedure easy. 

More water is recommended after swallowing to remove any remaining tastes or odors.

pillsAdding a Pleasant Tasting Gel on Top of the Pills

Adding a pleasant tasting gel enhances a sweet taste, making it way easier to swallow. The gel coats the pills with a nice flavor and probably smell, creating a lovely pill topping.

It makes it easier for the patient to take the meds since they don’t have the typical bitterness and weird smell. The pleasant tasting gel technique acts as a bribing technique, especially for kids who will be left thinking that they’re eating sweets.

Gloup gel is a lifesaver indeed. It works magic and reduces the stress associated with swallowing certain tablets.


If you find it hard to swallow pills, consider opting for any of the following tips to get a better swallowing experience.


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