Gloup helps children too with swallowing their pills!

There are many children that cannot swallow their oral medication. There is always a version of Gloup suitable for kids to help them with this intake. Gloup makes their lives a LOT easier, and kids even love the taste of Gloup!

For Kids

With Gloup the intake is easy and it even tastes great!

Children often have difficulties with swallowing their medication with water. The size of that antibiotic, the bitter flavor of that painkiller or the smell of that small pill. All challenges for kids to actually swallow those pills. And for the parents it is often a battle to get the medication inside.

This is why we created Gloup, it will help your child to take medication. Gloup can be used from the age of 2, by anyone who can still swallow independently. Because Gloup covers the bad taste, covers the pill and slides down easily, it will no longer be a hard pill to swallow for your child.

Perhaps until now you used food to administer your childs medication. Problem is that the use of food can lead to interactions that you are not even aware of. This has a negative impact on the actual dosage. Now that Gloup is on the market, this is your safest option apart from water. As Gloup breaks down quickly in the stomach, the medication is available for the body to be absorbed like it is intended.

Alex (11 years old) was really afraid to swallow his antibiotics. By using Gloup for the intake the actual swallow became much easier, as he no longer experienced the fear of the pill getting stuck in his throat. He swallowed them for 7 days without issues.

Ragna VisserMother of Alex (11)

Never expected to be able to stop crushing my medication. As a Parkinson patient I administered my Levodopa crushed and with apple sauce. With the use of Gloup I no longer have to crush my pills and I swallow my medication much easier and safer.

AnonymousParkinsons patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Gloup?

Gloup is available in most pharmacies. Contact us if you would like to know which specific pharmacy in your neighborhood.

From what age can you use Gloup?

Gloup can be used from the age of 2, by anyone who can still swallow independently.

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