Contrary to popular belief, the fear of swallowing pills is more common than you think. There are people for whom, no matter their shape or size, pills can bring along a sense of tension and dread. 

The good news is that there are ways to overcome a fear of pill-swallowing, the first step of which involves understanding why the phobia exists in the first place.

What is Phagophobia?

Phagophobia pertains to the fear of swallowing pills and results in extreme avoidance of taking one’s medication. This condition is not to be confused with dysphagia, which refers to painful or uncomfortable swallowing. 

Some symptoms of phagophobia might include: 

  • Feeling anxious before taking medication
  • Sweating or shivering when taking medication
  • Drinking frequently before, during, and after taking medication

Possible Causes of Phagophobia

While there is no definite cause of phagophobia, experiencing it may involve this set of factors.

Negative Experiences

Phagophobia most commonly occurs due to negative experiences when taking pills. Perhaps you might routinely experience discomfort or trouble when trying to get medication to go down smoothly. 


Another reason you might have a phobia of swallowing pills is dysphagia, which as we’ve mentioned is a feeling of physical discomfort when taking medication. The condition might worsen if you don’t take enough water during the pill-swallowing process.


If you suffer from generalized anxiety, simple tasks like pill-swallowing may be a source of tension. When you are tense, muscles in the throat might constrict, making it difficult to take medication. 

Tips for Getting Over Your Fear of Swallowing Pills

Overcoming phagophobia may be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Whether your fears are mental or physical, these tips can help make the pill-swallowing process more manageable for you. 

Try Relaxation Strategies

As we mentioned previously, tension can cause the muscles in the body to restrict, making it more challenging to take your pill. To help reduce this tension, you’ll want to practice relaxation strategies like meditation, stretching, or a repetitive mantra.  

Keep Practicing

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! One of the best ways to overcome your fear of swallowing pills is to keep practicing. Consider it a type of exposure therapy—the more familiar you become with the entire process, the easier it’ll be to find pill-swallowing methods that work for you.

Use a Swallowing Gel

Even after mentally preparing yourself for the pill-taking process, tension in the middle of swallowing can cause some unwanted effects. Using a swallowing gel like Gloup can help provide a more positive experience. 

This 100% all-natural swallowing gel is extremely slippery, allowing your medication to glide seamlessly down your throat. Not to mention, it doesn’t impact the efficacy of your medication and contains no allergens!

Get Assistance

Overcoming any fear is challenging when you’re on your own. Consider getting emotional support from a family member or friend—you might feel more motivated!

Make the Pill-Swallowing Process Easier With Gloup

While pill anxiety is common, you shouldn’t let it worsen. There are many ways to make the pill-swallowing process more tolerable, especially with Gloup. Gloup is the only product of its kind and has already helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of swallowing pills!

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