One of the few things that you’d imagine people need help with is swallowing pills. It’s often a concern for a small percentage of people, although stats show that a large number of people struggle with the issue. They choose not to come out and seek help.

So, addressing that issue, we decided to give the proper advice and a reliable guide to help the individuals solve their pill swallowing issues. However, we cannot begin to present the solutions if we haven’t clarified the possible problems they address. So what are the common mistakes of swallowing pills?

Common Pill-Swallowing Mistakes

Many people are ignorant of what might go wrong while swallowing pills simply because this is a typical exercise that everyone can perform excellently. However, there have been cases of people who underwent operations and lost their lives due to the challenges swallowing pills can present.

In addition, pill swallowing tips are often ignored since they sound so obvious, and people deem it fit not to follow what seems reasonable. However, it’s only through bad experiences that someone can adhere to the set regularities. So what kind of mistakes can you make by swallowing tablets?

  • Poor pill swallowing technique
  • Inadequate lubrication during the swallowing process
  • Poor body positioning when you take the meds.

Steps to Solve the Problem

You can avoid these problems and prevent pill swallowing anxiety by opting for solutions such as;

  • Use a pop bottle when swallowing a pill for a smooth process
  • Drink plenty of water as and after swallowing a pill
  • Lean forward to position a capsule before swallowing it properly
  • Bury the medication in a teaspoon and take it with food (this requires directory from your doctor)
  • Coat the pills with gel for lubrication
  • Spray your throat with lubrication to swallow it
  • Opt for a swallowing cup or straw.

Why Is It Important to Swallow Pills Appropriately?

Pills don’t have slippery surfaces. That’s why it’s recommended to take the water of any fluid to facilitate a smooth swallowing process. This prevents the pills from getting stuck in your throat. Swallowing pills appropriately will prevent any problematic medical issues and allow you to avoid any phobia.

The reasons why it’s essential to swallow pills appropriately include;

  • You don’t waste the dosage
  • The medicine serves its purpose
  • You prevent any choking occurrences
  • It keeps away any arising phobia.

pillPossible Risks If You Get Things Wrong

It’s crucial to ensure that you properly swallow your tablets. If that isn’t done correctly, you stand a chance to come across some potential risks. Those risks include;

  • Esophageal injury causing inflammation
  • Acid reflux flare-ups
  • Pill-induced esophagitis.

Besides that, if a pill is stuck in your throat, you can have difficulty breathing and talking. Choking can get you to a state of shock due to the panic and unawareness of what to do. It is advisable to consult your doctor on the possible risks of the pills administered to you. They will advise you on how and when to take them to avoid such risks.

You should also be aware of the rising symptoms of dysphagia or commonly known as swallowing disorder. This can signify various medical conditions such as nervous system, brain diseases, muscular abnormalities, and anatomical blockages.

The Different Approaches to Swallowing Pills

So let’s get to the good news. There are several pill swallowing techniques that you can go for to swallow a pill effectively. Some require some investment, while for others, it’s all about the execution technique. These approaches include;

  • Swallowing using water
  • Using a lubrication spray on your throat to pave the way for smooth swallowing
  • Lubricating the pill with a lubrication gel to make it easier to slide through the path
  • Properly position yourself if your posture lets you down
  • Using a swallowing cup to stimulate the process
  • Using a swallowing straw to pass the pill through without any contact.

Steps by Step Guide

This step-to-step guide will address one method of taking water. Taking fluids such as water is the best method as it’s natural and costs nothing, unlike getting any lubricants to help out with swallowing. In addition, it doesn’t require a lot of input to ensure you execute the exercise.

  1. Put the pill on your tongue. Do not put the tablet at the back of your mouth. This can make swallowing more complex and may even set off a person’s gag reflex.
  2. Gulp liquid, preferably water. This should facilitate or trigger the swallowing process. The fluid is supposed to push the pill through the throat smoothly.
  3. You should then drink more water after you swallow the tablet. It is a step to clear any odors or tastes left behind.


Although regarded as a simple task, swallowing pills might prove to be challenging to several patients. We all know the importance of medicine and the urgency, primarily if they are meant for life-saving moments. In this case, it’s essential to consider taking them in the best possible way.

However, without knowledge on such a topic, it becomes difficult for people to know how to deal with the matter. Moreover, it also makes it difficult for those facing this problem to come out clean and seek help since they might be despised for their lack of knowledge. This shame puts them off, and they end up having to deal with the problem, even though it can be life-threatening, especially for those who live on medication.

In that case, coming up with a good session that educates patients with such limitations is essential. Furthermore, it pushes that conversation and helps educate more people unaware of the issue at hand. At the end of it all, we want to put this discussion out there so that people can learn more.


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