Gloup medication swallowing gel is available is 3 versions

Gloup is the first medication swallowing gel available in the world to make swallowing pills easier!

Gloup is worldwide available, check our page ‘Where can I buy Gloup?‘ for more information.

Gloup Original

Strawberry and banana flavor

  • 100% natural
  • favorite for kids
  • IDDSI Level 3/ yoghurt thickness
  • strawberry/ banana flavor
  • most commonly used product

Gloup Forte

Vanilla flavor

  • 100% natural
  • safe in case of dysphagia
  • IDDSI Level 4/ pudding thickness
  • vanilla flavor
  • Only product on the market Level 4 classification

Gloup Zero

Raspberry flavor & sugar free

  • 100% natural
  • can be used by diabetics as well
  • IDDSI Level 3/ yoghurt thickness
  • raspberry flavor
  • no added sugar

Gloup makes your life easier!

Gloup is available in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait for now. You may find Gloup in pharmacies throughout the country. Please go to your nearest pharmacy or contact us for guidance to a specific pharmacy. Please contact us via to figure out how you can buy Gloup in your country.

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